Emily-etsy-oops-final-loresFirst off, I would like to state my 100% support towards buying directly from an independent designer. Now with that being said, occasionally, you may discover a few surprises especially if you ordered that designer garment online. This piece came from Etsy, and it looked like it had room for a 3rd boob, which fortunately Emily does not have. In addition to the chest “poof” the dress was not cut on perfect grain, and the bodice sides right and left were not the same verticle height–which made it more difficult for me to fix it as the design originally intended to be. Emily gave me full permission to redrape the bodice which was our best option. Sometimes you can’t force the fabric to do something it doesn’t want to, especially if it has a little stretch. So I redraped the right and left sides asymmetrically, removed that third boob, and got this baby up and running!

Be sure to see the other pictures here, including the in-progress shot of me pinning the re-drape.