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RETHINK is not your typical tailoring shop.

Our mission is to get as many garments that ALREADY exist BACK into rotation. We achieve this by altering/upcycling garments 1 year or older (fittings resuming soon–email info@rethinktailoring.com to get in the queue), and by repairing clothing of all ages (email us to schedule a consultation with Kristen), OR we can teach you how through our classes. RETHINK Tailoring & Sewing Lounge hosts regular sewing/mending/upcycling classes, a pay-by-the-hour assisted sewing lounge (currently on pause), and regular community events (i.e. clothing swaps and Meet the Eco-Artist Nights, coming again once it is safe to do so).

You can shop our upcycled clothing accessories, made in-house and by local artists, as well as our secondhand-sourced sewing supplies M-F 3:30-6, Sat 11-2.

Due to COVID-19 RETHINK Tailoring closed the day after our Grand Opening (March 15). The first year in business was a wild ride, and we are working as fast as possible on reintroducing more of our services. As our priority is inviting more people into our space, we will continue requiring masks in the shop for a little while longer, and appreciate your understanding.

*Fittings resuming soon* Tailoring:

Subscribe to our email list below to find out when we will be offering these services again. Everybody has items in their close that they can’t let go of, but also can’t wear. These are the items we LOVE to rescue.

We love love love to work on vintage/thrifted pieces and hand-me-downs from your parents, grandparents, or friends. We work with clients to modernize, repair, or update these pieces so they reflect the client’s personal style and are appropriate for the setting in which they wish to wear them.

Dress too small? No prob! We can brainstorm a solution.

If you have any questions about whether your garments fit into our list of services, please feel free to ask! Email us about your project at info@rethinktailoring.com and we’ll let you know. We are not here to judge or preach–we will just let you know yes or no. It’s as simple as that!

If you have no idea what we’re talking about as far as revamping and creatively repairing, we have conveniently placed some pretty pictures on the blog that have before and after pictures of projects we have worked on. Everybody loves a good before and after right!? You can also find our regular updates from us on Instagram and Facebook.

Garment Repair!

Whether it be a denim repair/reinforcements, or a rip, stain, or imperfection in the fabric, we can help brainstorm a creative solution. No need to immediately give up on your favorite shirt because of a rip, or that piece you wore on your first date because of a silly stain. Email info@rethinktailoring.com about your projects and we can set up a consultation with Kristen (no charge for the consult!) If you want to learn, we can also teach you!


Have you been wanting to learn to sew? Our Meet your Machine class with Laura (she/her) is a perfect place to start! She will research your machine ahead of time and can customize your session to make sure you cover what you want to learn! For our other classes, you can either bring your own machine or use one of ours. We have a lot of sewing, alteration, mending, and upcycling classes in the online shop. When you register, just give us your availability, and we’ll schedule you with others with the same schedule. See all of our classes here. Don’t see what you want to learn? We can do private lessons for $40/hr so just send us an email to info@rethinktailoring.com to let us know what you want to learn!

*Online Sewing Lounge:

Learn safely from home with our with virtual classes, Q&As, tutorials, private lessons via Zoom, and more. Email info@rethinktailoring.com if you want more information or want to sign up for a private lesson!

*Shop our Green Boutique:

At RETHINK Tailoring, we sell clothing designs that are upcycled in house from our #TrashTalk unusable garment collection. We also sell owner, Kristen’s, line of Resizable Kids Clothing (Ginger Bean), and clothing/accessories made by or in collaborations with other local artists. See what we have here or in person!


RETHINK offers a selection of comfortable fitted, reversible masks made of medium-weight woven cotton that came from surplus fabric from Kristen’s resizeable childrenswear clothing line. We also offer our fitted masks in cotton fabric upcycled from cotton shirts, and denim, etc.  

*Clothing Swap:

Clothing swaps were always part of our plan at RETHINK. But we knew it would be a long time before we could do them indoors and we already had the supplies. So, we took to the Sidewalk starting in July through September with our #RETHINKSidewalkSwap. We provided the infrastructure and you, the community, has kept it going by swapping and donating clean, good condition, in-season clothing.  The RETHINK Sidewalk Swap easily recirculated over 800 garments! Stay tuned for future swaps!

Here’s to the future of fashion!