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RETHINK is not your typical tailoring shop.

Our mission is to get as many garments that ALREADY exist BACK into rotaion. We achieve this by altering/upcycling garments 1 year or older, and by repairing clothing of all ages.

To further support the mission, RETHINK Tailoring & Sewing Lounge opens in March 2020 and will host regular sewing/mending classes, a pay-by-the-hour assisted sewing lounge, and regular community events (i.e. clothing swaps and Meet the Eco-Artist Nights).

Since news broke that Hennepin County is no longer able to accept damaged garments for recycling, RETHINK is doubling down on their effort of upcycling damaged garments. We are forming a local upcyclers network in the Twin Cities where we are connecting with other upcyclers, finding out what damaged materials they can use, and then adding those items to our master list of damaged garments we are able to accept.


Through RETHINK Tailoring, we prioritize revamping/closet-cleaning in order to make it an easier option to recycle while shopping for one’s professional and casual wardrobe. We don’t do basic alterations on things that come brand new from the store. We do however work on older items from the closet or from secondhand shops, even if they only need basic tailoring.

We love love love to work on vintage and hand-me-downs from your parents, grandparents, or friends. We work with clients to modernize, repair, or update these pieces so they reflect the client’s personal style and are appropriate for the setting in which they wish to wear them.

Creative repair. Whether it be a denim repair/reinforcements, or a rip, stain, or imperfection in the fabric, we can help brainstorm a creative solution. No need to immediately give up on your favorite shirt because of a rip, or that piece you wore on your first date because of a silly stain. First send us a picture at info@rethinktailoring.com and we’ll see if we can help brainstorm a creative repair to get it up and running again.

Dress too small? No prob! We can brainstorm a solution.

If you have any questions about whether your garments fit into our list of services, please feel free to ask! Email us about your project at info@rethinktailoring.com and we’ll let you know. We are not here to judge or preach–we will just let you know yes or no. It’s as simple as that!

If you have no idea what we’re talking about as far as revamping and creatively repairing, we have conveniently placed some pretty pictures on the blog that have before and after pictures of projects we have worked on. Everybody loves a good before and after right!? You can also find us on Instagram and Facebook.

Here’s to the future of fashion!