Well, DARN it!!

We’ve all been there, you’re living your normal life in your clothes and you get caught on something or as you bend down your hear that dreaded noise. I used to get so mad when these things happen. Once I starting embracing mending as more of a lifestyle, that anger started to fade. Some time later, when something would rip, I’d roll with it. “Bummer! It’s fine, I’ll mend that quick tonight.” And now that I look back at the stuff I’ve mended in my family’s wardrobe, I actually have pride in it, and welcome the next inevitable project.

Do you need help mending something? I darn jeans, reweave holes, and have done more creative fixes than I am able to count. Do you want to learn? I’m expanding into a storefront in March so I can teach what I do. I will have visible mending classes, sock repair, reweaving, denim machine darning, and so much more.

Email me with questions or to schedule a fitting at my Powderhorn studio.