January 2023 #RETHINKTrashTalk

Since having to scale things back at the shop, my collection list is going to be a bit smaller until upcycled design sales pick back up again. Also, if you would rather have your items fixed or learn how to do it yourself, I can also help with that–just email about your project and your timeline!

The following are the list of CLEAN damaged/unwanted garments/supplies we are able to accept for upcycling at RETHINK Tailoring. If you have something, just e-mail us at so we can control the incoming pace of donations:

-Jeans (all colors including white and black) and khakis/corduroys
-White undershirts (good condition or damaged)
-Sweaters (holes and shrunken OK)

See what we make with these damaged materials here!

XOXO The Upcycler


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