March 2024 #RETHINKtrash Collection

March 2024 #RETHINKtrash Collection

The following are the list of CLEAN damaged/unwanted garments/supplies I am able to accept for upcycling at RETHINK Tailoring:

-Cotton sheet/duvet covers
-Sparkly/shiny garments or costumes
-Jeans (all colors including white and black) and khakis/corduroys
-Fabric (no tiny scraps for now)

If you have something, just e-mail us at or text 612-876-7978 so I can control the incoming pace of donations. If you have something you think I could use but is not on this list, please email me!

See what we make with these damaged materials here! I have also been putting out a free fabric bin on the days I’m working at the studio, and have already rehomed 7 bins of fabric ♻

XOXO The Upcycler

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