Camel Coat Downsizing

When you found the perfect color of vintage coat, but it needs to be downsized.

Nicole had been on the hunt for the perfect camel overcoat. She even bought one brand new and the sizing was all wrong. Her hunt continued and she found this gem at Goodwill and knew there was potential. She brought it in, we slimmed the sides (a lot), reset the shoulders, hemmed the jacket, and rewove a tiny moth hole. There you go! And vintage wool is made to last, which isn’t always the case with modern wool fabric.

Do you have a great vintage piece you want updated? I work on things 1 year or older as my mission is to get as many garments that ALREADY exist BACK into rotation. Whether you’re shopping your closet, thrift/vintage/consignment shops, or got some clothes at a clothing swap, I got your back!

Storefront coming soon if you want to learn alterations, mending, and upcycling!

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