Making an Heirloom Work for You

When you get a family hand-me-down that you love but it’s way too big.

This dress had previously belonged to Laura’s partner’s grandmother. She was a very tall woman and Laura is petite, so the neck and shoulders were just hanging off of her.

We raised the shoulders (a lot) and scooted the shoulder in a bit to get that sleeve in the right spot for her frame. We also took in the sides, shortened the hem, and stabilized a small hole in the rayon. There you have it! Now this dress and memories can live on!

Do you have a family piece you want to have revamped so it will work for you? I work on garments 1 year or older as my mission is to get as many garments that ALREADY exist BACK into rotation. Email with questions or to set up an appointment at my Powderhorn studio.

Want to learn to upcycle, alter, or mend? The RETHINK storefront is coming in March to Minneapolis. I realized that there’s only so much that I can do as one person. I want to teach AS MANY PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE what I do so we can rescue even that many more garments.

Here’s to the future of fashion!

Here’s to the future of fashion!
Kristen (aka The Upcycler)

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