Thrift store dress revamp

When you find an irresistible dress thrifting, but you’re not diggin’ the high neckline…

When you feel your dress is overwhelming you, the solution is often much easier than you think! Typically there is just too much fabric and the dress ends up taking over your body. Luckily “too much fabric” gives you lots of options! We can shorten or remove the sleeves, hem the skirt into a mini, tailor the sides, OR recut the neckline. It often only takes one of these choices!

Tiffany’s dress was a perfect example. The fabric was too cool to pass up, but it needed some sass. All of the options above would have worked to revitalize this dress, but Tiffany wanted to keep the sleeves, and altering the sides would involve getting rid of the elastic and adding a zipper which wasn’t quite worth it. In the end we decided it was best to show off her collar bone. We recut the neckline and used the black sash that went around the neck to create a bow at the “V” where the 2 sides buttoned, and there you have it! That one little change got this dress ready to put into regular rotation!

Do you have a thrifted garment that needs a revamp to get it into your active wardrobe? We’ll help brainstorm what will work best with the dress and how you’d like it to fit! Our mission is to get as many garments that ALREADY exist BACK into rotation, so we alter/upcycle garments 1 year or older, and mend clothes of all ages. Email us with questions or to schedule an appointment.

xoxo The RETHINK Team

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