Karen’s tiny vintage dress


Well, I already worked some magic for Julie and Nina, so I don’t see why I couldn’t figure out something for Karen’s amazing teeny-tiny vintage silk dress too! All around it was too small, the armpits had rips in them, but we both agreed that this dress needed to be revamped so it could have another life cycle!…

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Nina’s tiny dress


Miss Nina of the AMAZING Ciao Nina fascinators was in need of a dress rescue. Well…Nina had this AMAZING dress, only problem was that is was much too small. I didn’t let that stop me with miss Julie, and this was clearly very worthy of a revamp. As you can tell, the sleeves were much too tight, and the zipper was in no way going up…

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Julie’s tiny vintage dress


Quite some time ago, Julie purchased this vintage number at Remix on Capitol Hill before they, sadly, closed. The dress was adorable, and she was hoping to wear it to a masquerade, but the main problem – it was sooo tiny! If we were to make this work we needed to get creative and add several inches. Initially, we believed it to be a lost cause, then I started blurting out different options, this one being the last, and a fairly accurate excited direct quote…

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