Andrea’s CardiBlazer


Andrea had this old blazer in her closet and wanted to see if there was something I could do with it. The blazer definitely had potential, but something about it wasn’t quite working, so we decided to revamp it!

I showed her my CardiBlazer design and she wanted to go for it. She picked out a tan for the accent stripe, which kept it appropriate for work. I also noticed that there was a stain on the sleeve, but she wanted the sleeves hemmed 3/4 length anyways, so I just made sure I hemmed up high enough…

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Karen’s tiny vintage dress


Well, I already worked some magic for Julie and Nina, so I don’t see why I couldn’t figure out something for Karen’s amazing teeny-tiny vintage silk dress too! All around it was too small, the armpits had rips in them, but we both agreed that this dress needed to be revamped so it could have another life cycle!…

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Tyler’s hoodie revamp


Tyler had an old hoodie and a great idea of what he wanted to do to it. It was pretty simple–he wanted me to hem the sleeves and add slits to the sides. So we hemmed the sleeves with cuffs showcasing the cool texture from the inside of the sweatshirt, and adapted the sides to have slits. And there you have it!…

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James’ outfit revamp


James had these older items sitting in his closet, but no longer liked the fit.  This outfit in particular deserved a before and after to show how even simple tailoring can make such a difference.  As you can see this blue shorts were too long but the perfect color, and his button-up was baggy.  However, the pattern begged to be his new favorite short sleeve summer shirt (*oy! Say that five times fast!). One last look at the before…

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Georgia’s handwoven jacket


Georgia had this jacket in her closet for many years. She originally purchased it from a weaver who not only make the jacket but also the fabric. Her weaving was absolutely amazing, but her garment construction and tailoring was not quite on the same level…

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Katherine’s dress to skirt


Katherine had this denim dress in her closet for quite some time, but it was too small to zip up, the black band was trying to make an unfortunate esacape from the dress (gotta love crappy construction from the factories!), and those buttons were just meant to get stuck on something and rip a hole in the dress. Worry not! All are things that I can revamp…

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