Blake’s red blazer


Everyone needs a few bright red accents in their closet, and I was so excited to see Blake’s rockin’ vintage red blazer. Even though it was much bigger than he would have preferred when he found it, the red was just too cool to pass up, and he knew where he could bring it to shape it up.

We looked over the coat, and the shoulders, chest, and waist were much too big for his tall, slim build. First we had to slim down that waist (and then some! See the before pics of the back!)



Next, I slimmed down the chest and sleeves, and reset the shoulders. It was a lot of work, but totally worth it to bring this piece back to life! Check out the close up of the shoulders, before and after.


And there you have it!
4 blake-after-lores

Do you have a jacket that you LOVE but it is just way too big? Email me about it at and we can brainstorm what to do with it.

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