Dafna’s Buffalo Exchange dress


Dafna seems to have a gift for finding amazing pieces at the thrift and consignment stores. This glorious piece she scored at Buffalo Exchange on 14th street. Even though it didn’t fit right, it is very clear why she needed to buy it and revamp it. Just look at that fabric!


She could get the dress on, but it was too tight for comfort, especially across the chest (gotta love those shapeless dresses…) so we discussed options for letting it out. Since there wasn’t enough excess built into the dress, we knew we needed to add panels. Dafna mentioned she likely wanted it to be shorter, so we settled on taking the panels from the hem, and adding them into the sides. Magically, they were just the right length. After a few adjustments, this baby was up and running and ready to dazzle the streets of DC.




If you have not been to that Buffalo Exchange yet, go there, seriously. You can get your shopping fix with on-trend pieces, but guilt-free since they are already 2nd hand. And their prices are oh so sweet and definitely affordable. Good luck!

Do you have a kick-ass garment with potential but it doesn’t fit or it needs more shape? Email me about it at and we can brainstorm!

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