Emily’s etsy oops!


You may remember Emily’s green blob dress or yellow dress-to-top revamp. This time Emily experienced what many of us have — we order something off Etsy and the clothing doesn’t come quite like it was in the pictures. I have dubbed this an Etsy Oops. Emily’s Etsy oops seems to be blessed with a 3rd boob. A look in itself, but unfortunately not what she was aiming for.


After looking at it for some time and trying to pin here and there, it was clear there was no easy fix. The dress was 1) cut off grain and 2) the right and left sides were cut unevenly AND in the wrong shape.  The fabric was also stretchy, so there was no forcing it to do something it didn’t want to.  I decided it was best to re-drape the bodice rather than  try and stay with the original design intent. Since the right and left sides were uneven, Emily was cool with me re-draping the sides asymmetrically. In the end, you wouldn’t have known this had any issues to begin with. Here’s the pinning in progress:


And here’s the re-draped finished product:


Now this dress is ready to be added into the regular rotation.


And, once more with feeling!


Check out that profile, 3rd-boob-free!

Emily-etsy-oops-after-side-loresDid you buy something from an independent designer that just isn’t quite right? Even though this breaks my don’t-work-on-new-things rule, I am willing to bend it for this instance, since I definitely want to encourage people to shop directly from artists! YayYayYay! Email me about your project at and we can brainstorm a solution.

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