RETHINK hand-me-downs

When you want to update one of your mom’s old outfits.

Victoria had this awesome two-piece hand-me-down from her mother. The color was darling and the lace details were exquisite , but all of it together was a bit too much. She felt like something had to go.

Take away the sleeves, shorten the skirt and what a difference! We also used the sleeves to layer under the old waist flutter, so if she wants to wear it with some jeans, her belly won’t show.

Sometimes less is more (and is easier to wear more often 😘). Do you have a family heirloom you want updated? Email with questions or to set up an appointment. our mission is to get as many garments that already exist back into rotation, so we alter/upcycle garments one year or older, and mend clothing of all ages. If you are not sure if we can work on what you have, feel free to email! This is a no judgement zone! ❤️ Also, if you want to learn to sew and alter yourself, we’ll have oh so many classes at RETHINK Tailoring & Sewing Lounge when we open in March! Stay tuned! Class calendar coming soon!

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