Big, Loud Sweater to Just Right

When you have a family heirloom sweater that doesn’t quite fit.

Laura brought in this fun sweater that her partner’s grandmother hand-knit. As you can see, it was quite large for her. She originally thought it might be a lost cause, especially since while it was so big, the colors were so loud. I brought up the idea of removing the sleeves, finishing them more like a fake cap sleeve, and she could pair it with a long sleeve shirt under to tone down the colors. She liked that idea!

I slimmed the sides quite a bit, sloped the shoulders, which looked like epic wings during our 2nd fitting because this knit was so thick😂, and I finished off the armholes by hand. There you have it! Now this family piece and memories can stay in the fam!

Do you have a family hand-me-down that needs some special care or creative ideas to make it work for you? My mission is to get as many garments that ALREADY exist BACK into rotation, so I work on things 1 year or older. Bring me your family heirlooms, secondhand finds, or old things from the closet! Email with any questions or to set up an appointment at my Powderhorn studio.

I’ll be opening a storefront in March where I will teach people what I do in Minneapolis, so stay tuned!

RETHINK what tailoring can be.

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