Vintage Suit Revamp for Jalyn

When you find an awesome vintage suit but it’s a bit too big…

Jalyn Rose found this awesome vintage suit on ebay but it was a bit too big for her. She wanted it oversized, but the sleeves were too big and the pants were much too long.

We slimmed and hemmed the sleeves, took in the waist, hemmed the pants, and that’s it! Swipe to see the difference a hemming makes when it comes to fit. I cannot wait to see how she styles this suit!

Do you have a vintage piece that needs some work? My mission is to get as many garments that ALREADY exist BACK into rotation, so I work on garments 1 year or older. Email with questions or to schedule an appointment at my Powderhorn studio.

Storefront coming soon if you want to learn to hem pants yourself!

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