August 2022 #RETHINKTrashTalk

Did you guys know that since the opening, with very limited staff, we still kept over 2,500 pounds out of the landfills?? We fix and upcycle garments for clients and teach others how in our classes, but our designs are UPCYCLED from your damaged garments!

The following are the list of CLEAN damaged/unwanted garments/supplies we are able to accept for upcycling at RETHINK Tailoring. If you have something, just e-mail us at so we can control the incoming pace of donations:

-Jeans (all colors) and khakis/corduroys
-T-shirts and white undershirts (good condition or damaged)
-Sweaters (holes and shrunken OK)
-Button-up shirts

-Broken jewelry/orphaned earrings
-Questionable condition portable sewing machines
-Sewing supplies/fabric/yarn scraps
-Jewelry supplies
-Polyfil stuffing
-Buckles from worn out shoes
-Sewing books for future library
-Sewing Patterns
-Altoids Tins
-Large scraps of posterboard

*Items that are a case by case basis right now: damaged vintage, sheets and quilts, so just email us ( on those. We don’t want to collect more than we can use!

Please share if you can!

See what we make with these damaged materials here!

XOXO The Upcyclers


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