Jane’s hand-me-down


Quite often I like to use the phrase “where there’s a will there’s a way.” I get such a variety of projects, simple and complex and the amount of work that goes into the piece varies so much. It is not for me to decide what’s worth it, but instead what’s possible, and then you decide whether you want to move ahead with the project or not.

This jacket had previously belonged to Jane’s boyfriend, so as you can imagine there was some sentimental value to the garment, in addition to it be a really nice quality coat to begin with. I wanted to help figure out a way that this could be a wardrobe staple and fit her style, but clearly the jacket was way too big for her frame…

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Jon’s 1920’s blazer


Modern jackets don’t fit Jon right, and he has found that his size in vintage clothing fits perfectly in the shoulders. Thus, he ventures online to various vintage shops, does his shopping, then has pieces tailored for any extra needed tweaking. This particular piece was from the 20’s and was in ridiculous condition (we suspect it could in fact be proof of time travel)…

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Aaron’s CardiBlazer


You may remember Tiffany’s CardiBlazer, but here’s to show that men can rock the CardiBlazer too!  Aaron had this great coat in his closet, but the fit wasn’t quite right and he never wore it. When I suggested revamping his old blazer into this design, he was excited, but wanted a little more tailoring done on the coat as well. So I removed a nice bit of fabric out of the back, which also brought the shoulders into a better position…

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