Crazy awesome shirt repair


This creative repair is really a rescue. The shirt below was involved in a drinking incident. Here’s how it went down…

One guy believed his buddy was too “buttoned-up” for the party. That sweet, caring soul wanted to help his buddy out, and attempted to unbutton one of his buttons, forgetting how buttons worked, and thus ripping the button-hole clear through.  Of course, this is all pretty hilarious, BUT this was his favorite shirt, and he would not accept its demise! (Honestly, this is the best customer story I’ve ever heard!) Let’s look at the party results again…

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Vintage dress creative repair


This beautiful vintage dress had been worn to the Seersucker Ride in DC, but unfortunately the delicate silk did not hold up to the biking. There were 2 large holes on the left side of the bodice and this client was hoping I could rescue this precious piece. With such a delicate fabric, I informed her that there was no traditional way to repair this and it called for a creative repair. Ouch:


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A loud denim repair


I have been doing a lot of denim repair over the last year or so, but never remember to take pictures!  Finally, I am working to document them, and I will be posting more pictures of examples of this type of work. To kick things off, I wanted to start with a fun one–denim repair of the less traditional sort.  First off, ouch…

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Joseph’s favorite jacket


Everybody has their favorite garment, or in this case, Joseph had his favorite jacket.  It was one of those pieces that I would consider well-loved: elbows worn through, and generally rough around edges.  He previously had the elbows patched, which then wore out again…

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